Did you know that even after you have adopter a child you’re not on your own?

There’s plenty of post adoption support available for adopters after the adoption order has been granted to ensure that adoptive families stay safe and strong.

Many adoptive families face difficulties at some point and need support, and so the Adoption Support Fund (ASF) was established to help adoptive parents obtain therapeutic services and support packages for their family when needed. The Adoption Support Fund has been available nationally since 2015.

There are a wide range of services available through the Adoption Support Fund including therapeutic parenting training/programmes, play and filial therapy, creative arts therapy, and systemic therapies such as family therapy – and many more.

At Adopters for Adoption we have our own bespoke packages designed to support families including our ‘Safer Stronger Adoptive Families’ programme, for which an application for funding can be sought via the Adoption Support Fund.

The Local Authority that was responsible for your child prior to their adoption has a legal obligation to support you for the first 3 years once a child is placed with you. After 3 years, the responsibility transfers to your own Local Authority.

The Adoption Support Fund is available for adopted children up to and including the age of 21 (or 25 with a Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education Health & Care Plan) who have been adopted from local authority care in England, or adopted from Wales but living in England.

If a family feels that support is needed, they have the right to request an ‘assessment of need’ from their Social Worker or Local Authority, who can then submit an application to access the fund.

As a Registered Adoption Support Agency, Adopters for Adoption can provide consultations and assessments to local authorities, tailoring packages and services and can help in putting together care plans that will assist with the needs of the adoptive parents and child(ren)

So, don’t let the thought of being on your own once you have adopted put you off of starting your journey, as you’ll have plenty of support available!