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Adopters for Adoption (AFA) is a voluntary adoption agency in the UK, set up in 2014 by people with first-hand experience of adoption.

Based in the West Midlands but recruiting families nationally, we pride ourselves on helping children find their forever homes and supporting prospective adoptive parents through the adoption process.

We know what it is like to go through the adoption process. That is why we have improved the way prospective adopters are recruited, prepared and assessed for adoption, and are committed to delivering comprehensive post-adoption services. This means we are with you for your entire journey of becoming and being a parent.

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Finding forever families since 2014

We believe that every child within care, regardless of their circumstances, deserves a loving family.  

Adopters for Adoption is an adoption agency in the UK that is dedicated to ensuring that adoption is a real possibility for all children and siblings regardless of their age, needs or ability. If you are interested in finding out more about becoming an adoptive parent, we would love to hear from you. 

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Whether you are considering adopting a child or looking at different adoption agencies for more information, then you have already taken your first steps on the adoption process.  

Find out more about Adopters for Adoption and how we can help you achieve your dream of adopting a child.  

How to Adopt a Child

Adoption Stories

National Adoption Week 2023

16-22 October is National Adoption Week 2023 This year National Adoption Week promotes discussion around how adoption has evolved to put children’s identity at its heart. The organisers of National National Adoption Week 2023

Adoption Story: Frances and Carl – Adopting Siblings

“Having the same blood didn’t matter, we just wanted to be a family.” Wed 8th Jun 2022 – 3 min read Frances, an adoptive mother for Adopters for Adoption began Adoption Story: Frances and Carl – Adopting Siblings

This Adoption Week – Tiegan tells her adoption story

Tiegan aged 19, was adopted aged 4. With her mum in prison when she was born Tiegan lived with her for five months to then go into the care of This Adoption Week – Tiegan tells her adoption story

Adoptive Mother, Sarah shares her adoption story.

This National adoption week, Sarah shares her adoption story. Sarah, an adoptive mother of one, always wanted a biological child but also knew she wanted to adopt one day. She Adoptive Mother, Sarah shares her adoption story.

National Adoption Week – Sue’s Story

Adoptive Grandmother Sue, tell her own adoption story and shows us that adoption effects more than the immediate family. Sue is the biological mum of 27-year old Molly and ‘Granny’ National Adoption Week – Sue’s Story

Jennifer’s adoption story

Following fertility issues, Jennifer who is Black British of Caribbean decent and her husband who is White British, decided adoption would be the best option for them. Now aged 5 years old, Jennifer’s adoption story

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