Design Teddy’s t-shirt As part of our 10th Birthday celebrations we are proud to launch our Birthday Bear design competition. Could you design Teddy’s t-shirt? All winners will have their Children’s Design a Bear Competition

Adopted child with dog

Pets are lovable, cute and entertaining, but the benefits of having pets go much further. They can positively impact your child’s immune system, promote emotional well-being and be therapy for How Pets Transform the Lives of Adopted Children

For adoptive families, Mothering Sunday carries a special significance, often intertwined with unique emotions and experiences. Finding the Right Note: Mother’s Day isn’t just about the flowers and cards; it’s Mother’s Day Traditions for Adoptive Families

Same sex female adopters reading s book with their two adopted children

In England, there are currently over 1000 children who are waiting to be adopted at any time. This number highlights how crucial it is for parents nationwide to become adopters. A Guide to Adoption When You Already Have Children

Planning for Christmas can be a wonderful time for the family to reflect and focus on what’s most important. When you’ve recently adopted a child, Christmas can be a very special time Planning for Christmas with an adopted child.

Support Adopted Children in Communicating

Adopting a child means not only will you be sharing your love and home with a child in need, but you’ll be giving them a fresh new start and an How to Support Adopted Children in Communicating Their Feelings

16-22 October is National Adoption Week 2023 This year National Adoption Week promotes discussion around how adoption has evolved to put children’s identity at its heart. The organisers of National National Adoption Week 2023

“Celebrating our Sisters, Saluting our Sisters, and Honouring Matriarchs of Movements”. October is Black History Month and in keeping with the 2023 theme of “Celebrating our Sisters, Saluting our Sisters, Black History Month

National Adoption Week 2022

Today is the start of National Adoption Week 2022, which focuses on the theme of identity and relationships. The organisers of National Adoption Week, You Can Adopt, have put together National Adoption Week 2022

LGBT+ Adoption & Fostering Week 2022: Reflecting on our progress

Wed 9 Mar 2022 – 2 min read  Written by Heather Liveston – Principle Social Worker & LGBT+ person I remember the first LGBT + Adoption and Fostering Week after LGBT+ Adoption & Fostering Week 2022: Reflecting on our progress

Adopting A Child With Autism

Support and strategies for children with Learning Disabilities /ASD/ Attachment difficulties to help them cope with COVID-19 Isolation. It has been an extremely difficult time for children and families over the last few months, with How to help children with learning disabilities cope with isolation during Covid-19

Me, The Boy, and The Monster: Exploring the Psychology of Adoption and Trauma By Cat McGill This book is written by a mum, whose seven-year-old adopted son, ‘Tickle’, has a BOOK REVIEW: Me, the Boy and The Monster