The aim of the day is to reaffirm our commitment to work together for a better world that is inclusive, equitable and sustainable for everyone, where the rights of people with disabilities are fully realized.

It’s an ideal opportunity for us to highlight that many people with a disability can adopt too.

Many people think that they can’t adopt if they have a disability, this simply isn’t true.  There are many different types of disability, all of which affect us in different ways, either physically or mentally.  Some disabilities will make adopting and caring for a child harder than for someone who is not disabled, but even in these circumstances you may not be excluded if you have a support network around you that can help.  During any assessment to become an adoptive parent, all applicants undertake a medical.  This information will help us explore with you any potential impact your disability will have on parenting and how this can be managed.

If you have a disability of any kind and are interested in adopting a child, do contact us to have a conversation with us, before excluding yourself.

As a disabled person you many have life experiences which gives you a unique insight into the lives of children in care.  There are also great benefits for children growing up in a family with a disabled person as inclusive and the value of difference are seen as normal and positive.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to remind anyone thinking about adoption that children with a disability often wait longer for a forever family.