Adopters for Adoption are still open for business, but not quite ‘business as usual’. Like most other services across the UK we have made adjustments in order continue to provide the best possible service to our families whatever stage of the adoption process they may be in, whilst also safeguarding the health and well-being of our staff and the wider community.

Our Head Office in Bromsgrove is closed from Monday 23rd March until further notice, but our team will continue to work remotely and our phone lines will remain open as usual. We are able to receive and respond to enquiries and accept applications in the normal way. We are in regular contact with our families and we will be offering up to date information and keeping people informed as the situation continues to change.

Further to government advice to avoid large social gatherings we have had to cancel a number of events already and other events over the coming months may also be subject to change. Much of our support will take place remotely over the phone and with the use of video links rather than in person and we are working on other creative methods to facilitate meetings, offer information and provide training.

We are receiving up to date information Coronavirus on a daily basis from our company directors who are advising us in line with government guidance. Meetings are taking place and our data is being analysed on a weekly basis to ensure that our service is operating in accordance with advice received.  Please be assured that our priority is to continue to offer the best service that we possibly can at this time.

If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to make contact with us on 01527 573700.