Are you thinking about adopting but worrying about whether you can if you have pets? This blog aims to give you the information you need when adopting your forever family with pets in mind.

So, can you adopt with pets?

Yes, you can still adopt if you have pets! Adopters for Adoption recognise the value for children in being raised in a family that has pets. However, there are some potential barriers to consider such as ensuring the adoptive child would be safe with the pet in the household whilst also making sure that the pet is safe as a result of a new addition to the family. As a result of these factors, we will carry out a pet assessment during stage one of the adoption process, in order to consider any compatibility issues with a prospective adoptive child or children.

Growing up with a pet can have strong physical, emotional and educational benefits for children; for many adoptive children this could be the perfect fit. However, in the unlikely event that your pet and any child placed were not compatible, we would need to be assured that you could make the necessary arrangements to rehome your pet.

The RSPCA has shared the following advice on introducing a child to a family pet:Can I Adopt with Pets

  1. Never leave your child alone in the same room as a pet.
  2. Teach your child never to approach your pet when they:
  • are eating or having a treat
  • are sleeping
  • have a toy
  • are unwell, injured or tired
  • are blind or deaf
  1. Teach your child to be kind and polite to all animals – especially those in your household. Don’t let the child climb on them, pull their ears or do anything you wouldn’t allow them to do to another child.
  2. Teach your child how to play nicely with your pet so that they can help care for the pet under your supervision.
  3. Supervise your child when they’re with your pet – if your pet looks unhappy, let him/her go somewhere they feel safe and happy. Follow this up by teaching your child to leave the pet alone when it is in this space.

If you would like any further information or have any questions about the adoption process, please visit our FAQs page or get in touch today on 0800 5877 791.