For adoptive families, Mothering Sunday carries a special significance, often intertwined with unique emotions and experiences.

Finding the Right Note: Mother’s Day isn’t just about the flowers and cards; it’s about creating traditions that weave the fabric of your family story and embraces the uniqueness of your family. Here are three simple ways to mark the day with adopted children:

Create a Family Ritual: Start a tradition that is just for your family – it could be a special breakfast, a picnic in the park, or annual family photo. The key is consistency, making your adopted child feel the comfort of a ritual that’s exclusively designed for your family.

Adoptive Mum sits on tree trunk with her adopted daughter

Memory Scrapbook: Craft a memory scrapbook that grows with each passing year. Encourage your adopted child to contribute drawings, notes, or small mementos that capture the essence of their feelings and experiences. Over time, this scrapbook becomes a tangible journey of love and connection.

Culinary Adventures: Food has a magical way of bringing people together. Consider making a meal together as a family, exploring recipes that reflect your adopted child’s cultural heritage. It’s a delicious way to honour their roots and create lasting memories around the kitchen table.

Mature adoptive mother smiling with daughter

Navigating the emotional complexities of Mother’s Day can be challenging for both adoptive parents and adopted children. Acknowledge the potential challenges, and proactively navigate them with empathy and understanding.

Remember for our children whilst it might involve the happy acknowledgement of a new parent, it may also trigger less positive memories and the loss of their birth mother. Our advice is that it is okay to acknowledge that our children might be a little sad as well as happy on days like this.

  1. Open Conversations: Create a safe space for open conversations about Mother’s Day. Encourage your adopted child to express their feelings and thoughts, and be receptive to any emotions that may surface. Open dialogue fosters trust and helps in addressing concerns before they become overwhelming.
  2. Validate Feelings: Emotions around Mother’s Day may range from joy to anger and confusion. Validate your adopted child’s feelings, letting them know it’s okay to experience a mix of emotions. Assure them that your love is constant, regardless of the complexities that may arise on this particular day.
  3. Celebrating Birth Mothers: Recognise the profound role birth mothers play in the lives of adoptive families. Mother’s Day can be an opportune time to respectfully acknowledge and appreciate the women who made adoption possible. A letter or a moment of reflection to acknowledge these feelings.

As Mother’s Day approaches, adoptive families have the chance to create traditions that speak to the heart of their unique journey – through rituals, open conversations, and acknowledgment of birth mothers.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible mothers who make a difference in the lives of their children, no matter the path that brought them together.