Having the same blood didn’t matter, we just wanted to be a family.”

Wed 8th Jun 2022 – 3 min read

Frances, an adoptive mother for Adopters for Adoption began her adoption journey with her husband, Carl back in 2019.

For Frances and Carl, adoption became their option of choice to start their own family following past difficulties conceiving.

She said: “We didn’t want to go down the IVF route after going through a difficult period of pregnancy losses. For us, having the same blood didn’t matter, we just wanted to have a family.”

Frances added: “ My ex sister-in-law was one of 7 children who were split up in care which was very difficult for her, I never wanted that for my own children. This is why I wanted to adopt siblings in particular.

Adopting siblings was the only option for Frances, after hearing her ex sister-in-law’s sad experience of being separated from her siblings and being placed into care. This is something Frances did not want for her own children, whether biological or adopted.

She continued: “We knew we wanted around three children in total so getting them all at once meant we wouldn’t have to go through the process again in future.

“Our children were separated due to their circumstances before arriving with us, so it was lovely to be able to bring them all together again.”

It is notoriously difficult within the world of adoption to place siblings, but Frances and Carl have loved the whole experience.

Frances said: “People always told us how much work adopting three siblings would be. But we have found adopting siblings so easy as they do everything together! They are just great fun.

“Of course, there have been some challenging times and it’s important to have support around you. We have been in and out of hospital with one of our children who has developed a long term genetic condition, which has been quite difficult. ”

When asked what advice she would give to individuals considering adopting siblings or those who are scared to do so, she said: “I would say just go for it! It is so rewarding. To sum up the whole experience in three words I would say it has been rewarding, difficult but so much fun!”

If you’re interested in adopting siblings or would like to find out more about adoption, please get in touch here.