Our pet’s are very good at understanding our emotional state. Dog’s for example can understand how we are feeling from our tone of voice and body language. Dogs and cats will look into their owners eyes, to judge our emotional state and respond to it, giving their human companions a fuss then they are feeling down.

Friendship is really important to us and improves are emotional health, it has been shown to prevent illness and add years to our lives – while isolation can lead to depression.
The benefits for an adopted child’s emotional health can’t be ignored. The friendship provided by a pet can help them to feel less lonely in a brand new home and family, but animals can go one step further. Pets can’t talk back!

This means all they offer is companionship without ever telling a child off or giving instructions and this can provide a great sense of security for children, it can help them to feel important because they receive this unconditional affection which provides a positive self image which is what we all need as a starting block for positive emotional health.

Children who have emotional attachments to pets have also been shown to find it easier to form relationships with people too.

This is again is helpful for adopted children who need to form relationships with new family members and make new friends.

For all the benefits pets may provide, there are things to consider when adopting a child when you have pets or our considering a pet post adoption.