Life Story Work

Many children who are unable to live with their birth families or who have experienced multiple moves, often lack information about their history. This can lead to difficulty in developing a sense of identity and self-esteem. This can make it harder for children to develop emotionally and socially.

Building a life story

By building a record through life story work, children can establish a sense of who they are which can raise levels of self-esteem and confidence. The process involves keeping information about people, places and activities and could include photographs, thoughts and memories of the children and their achievements.

Additional services

Life story work promotes an understanding of a child’s current situation. There may occasionally be a need to address the emotional issues associated with their past in more detail. We offer individual and sibling group packages incorporating the past, present and future using one or more of the following services:

  • Production of a life story tool
  • Direct one-to-one work.

Life story work offers children the opportunity to make sense of their past, gain a balanced understanding of their present and achieve positive outcomes for the future.

All children who are being adopted, regardless of their age or experiences, will have some form of life story book when they come to live with you. This will inform how you tell your child their history, and is a really important part of your child’s life.

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