Adoption support Fund

The Adoption Support Fund

The Adoption Support Fund (ASF), available nationally from 1 May 2015 has been established to provide a range of new services to help parents obtain therapeutic services for their adopted children. This will include a range of therapies including play and filial therapy, creative arts therapy, and systemic therapies such as family therapy.

The service will be available to all children in adoptive care who have been referred by their local authorities in England.

Who is eligible for the Adoption Support Fund?

The Fund is available for children up to and including the age of 18 (or 25 with a Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education Health & Care Plan) who have been adopted from local authority care in England or adopted from Wales but living in England.

Local authorities will be able to submit applications for funding before an Adoption Order, so that any package of support from the time of placement can be continued once the Adoption Order is made.

We also provide consultations and assessments to local authorities to assist with what the needs of the adopter and child/ren will be.

What support can we offer?

The Adoption Support Fund allows us at Adopters for Adoption to commit to offering evidence-based group and individual therapy and support which achieves positive, measurable outcomes, including:

  • Improved relationships with peers
  • Improved relationships with siblings, parents and other family members
  • Improved relationships with teachers and school staff
  • Improved engagement with learning
  • Improved emotional regulation
  • Improved behaviour management
  • Improved confidence
  • Improved ability to enjoy a positive family life and social relationships
  • Reduced child-on-parent violence.


Practical and Proven Methodology

Our therapists work from an attachment and trauma-based methodology, backed by solid recent evidence. They follow NICE Guidelines for Young People and Looked After Children (31), and resilience research (Daniel and Vassel 2002).

The therapeutic work will include consultation and support of the network around the child (Sprince 2000), including school visits and support around issues of care planning and contact.

We use a variety of child and family friendly outcomes measures to assess progress throughout therapy. For example, SDQ, IAPT, Ofsted Happiness and screening tools for trauma symptoms including dissociation.

All therapists receive supervision in keeping with their role and have access to the support of a wide and varied group of experts.

We value the involvement of parents and encourage it at all times as well as seeking feedback throughout our work.

Contact us

For more information on how Adopters for Adoption can help support you with Therapeutic Services for your adopted child please contact us on t: 0800 5877 791 or e:

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